Episode 014


Episode 014 Synopsis:

In this episode, Episode 014, Tim & Janet provide you their lame excuse for not getting a podcast out for the last two weeks, The FNRA, Alabama going to permit-less carry, The ATF “White Paper,” A Vietnam vet who taught two thugs what it feels like to be a “Charlie,” a good samaritan who was in the right place at the right time, Velocity’s new 3 pound straight AR trigger, and Laser Max’s sighting systems.  They also introduce a new show segment called “DUMB AS A STUMP.”  Plus, they share the absolute worst states to live in for gun owners and much, much more!

Links, products, and other items mentioned during the show:

Speaking Of Guns Podcast Web Site:  www.SpeakingOfGunsPodcast.com

Speaking Of Guns Face Book Page:  https://www.facebook.com/SpeakingOfGunsPodcast

Velocity Triggers  –  http://velocitytriggers.com/view3.php?area=&id=7#a

Laser Max Sights –  https://www.lasermax.com/

NRA – https://home.nra.org/

GOA –  https://www.gunowners.org/

SAF –  https://www.saf.org/

(Special thanks to Thomas Paden for his permission to use his music, “The 2nd Amendment Song” as our opening show music.  Visit his web site by clicking Here!)



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